Faculty of Psychology
  • Education Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
This department aims at producing professionals who graduate with integrity and are capable of making needed advances in the field of psychology. Students who study psychology will improve their abilities in both academic and professional fields.
This study program aims to give students an introductory overview of the basic areas in contemporary study of psychology and its application to everyday life.
The curriculum is designed to produce graduates with a broad perspective in the field of psychology, outstanding ability to conduct research in the field of human behavior technology and counseling techniques as well as high level of dedication in mental health services in accordance with professionalism.
Prime and International Program:
Eight Semesters (UPH): Sarjana Psikologi (UPH)
Focuses on educational matters like the learning and teaching process, special needs student management, learning disabilities, etc.
Focuses on clinical problems, mental health problems, and broad knowledge of clinical therapy.
Focuses on social problems and how to overcome them from the psychosocial perspective. The social track emphasized is urban psychology, which encorporates urban communities living in the city.
Focuses on optimizing human resources through improving the physical environment (work space and equipment) or changing the behavior and interaction patterns at work.
Focuses on developmental problems, from birth to adult, and how to overcome those problems based on existing psychological theories.
Focuses on the psychological aspects in the counseling process which provide an opportunity for people to work toward living in a more satisfying and resourceful way. Counseling may be concerned with development issues, resolving life problems, coping with crisis, developing personal insight and knowledge. This counseling track is specially designed with a integration method between faith and science.
  • Hold master’s and doctoral degrees from distinguished local and international universities
  • Skilled professionals in the field of psychology
  • Counseling Experimental Lab.
  • Creativity Lab.
  • Developmental Lab.
  • Psychology Lab. which can also be used as a workshop that improves study process.
In the fast changing world today, psychology has developed widely and is infiltrating every field of disicipline, which then creates a huge demand for sychologists. Psychology graduates have a very bright & promising career as eflected by a broad range of career choice. The currently developing career paths are as follows:
  • Educational: schools, universities
  • Clinical: hospitals, clinics, mental health hospitals
  • Social: social organizations, social institutions, media
  • Industrial and Organizational: companies, factories
  • Developmental: clinics, schools, institutions
  • Counseling: counseling centers, religious organizations, rehabilitation centers